Back Window R&R

Included Operations

Remove and replace: Reveal mouldings, Garnish mouldings, Wiper arm if so equipped
Replace weatherstrip if so installed
Replace necessary adhesive/urethane
Clean up old adhesive in opening area
Test for leaks

Not Included Operations

Remove and install or replace: High mount stop lamp
Remove and replace: Aftermarket window tint
Broken glass clean up

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Urethane set glass may typically be considered a structural component. Refer to OEM replacement procedures for installation methods and materials to restore structural integrity.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: No back glass or flush mounted reveal mouldings can be removed without the possibility of breakage or damage that will require replacement. Unintentional damage to glass that is considered a structural member by the vehicle manufacturer may occur when attempting alignment pulls to correct unibody collision damage. Agree beforehand who will incur the charge for damage occurring during normal R&R and R&I operations.