Gate Shell R&R

Included Operations

Remove and install trim panel
Remove and install or replace: Non urethane set glass and mouldings, Lock cylinder, Water/dust barrier, Lamp assemblies and wiring harness attached to gate
Replace urethane set glass and mouldings
Replace or transfer parts attached to gate (example: outside handle, glass run channels, regulator, weatherstrip, license plate/bracket, lamp assemblies)
Replace caulking for standard factory application if necessary
Replace clip type moulding for base model vehicle

Not Included Operations

Refinish gate
Transfer undamaged urethane set glass
Remove and install or replace: Wiper and washer, Hinges, Hinge anchor plates, Gas prop rod, Spoiler
Recode lock cylinder
Remove and install adhesive exterior trim; add to clean and retape
Replace new adhesive exterior trim; deduct one-half of R&R time
Install stripes, decals, transfers or overlays
Drill holes for installing exterior trim
Broken glass clean up

IMPORTANT REMINDER: No back glass or flush mounted reveal mouldings can be removed without the possibility of breakage or damage that will require replacement. Agree beforehand who will incur the charge for damage occurring during normal R&R or R&I operations.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Procedure does not include allowances for necessary precautionary measures to remove undamaged urethane set glass, nor clean up of the old adhesive on the glass. If the existing urethane set glass is undamaged and will be reused, the labor time associated with this operation will be addressed as an "add to" in the headnote of that section.