Included Operations

Solvent wash
Scuff panel and clean
Mask adjacent panels up to 36 inches or substitute with cover vehicle (bag) complete
Prime or seal as required
Final sanding and clean
Mix materials
Adjust spray equipment
Apply color
Clean equipment

Not Included Operations

Blending into adjacent panel and/or panels, or nearest breaking point

Color match or tinting

Applying anti-corrosion rust resistant materials
Additional application of soft chip primers or anti-chip undercoats
Finish sand and buff
Subsequent vehicle bagging when required: add .2 hour for each application & removal
Mask interior to prevent overspray damage
Removal of protective coatings
Removal of release agent from OEM raw plastic components (example: non-primed bumper covers) See formula under Raw Substrate Prep
Feather, Prime & Block paint damage to adjacent panel and/or panels joined by welding due to burn damage (see Feather, Prime & Block definition under Refinish General Information)
Gravel guard refinish; add .5 hour for the first major panel and .3 hour for each additional panel.

NOTE: The included operation of mask adjacent panels is inclusive of any necessary back tape masking to prevent overspray.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Refinish times are for NEW, UNDAMAGED PARTS without exterior or interior trim or attached components. Refinish times may vary depending on individual procedures, product and/or weather conditions.

A small percentage of colors are identified by the paint manufacturers as highly transparent. These colors may require additional application coats to achieve visual hiding. In instances where four or more color coats are necessary to achieve adequate hiding, some adjustment in refinish times may be appropriate.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The cost of paint and materials is not included in refinish time.

NOTE: Gravel Guard application and appropriate refinish may be necessary beyond the actual replacement area to achieve a "texture" match.

It may be necessary to tint or otherwise modify non-exterior colors applied to undersides, edges and/or jambs for which there is no paint color formula to achieve a color match. When necessary, reference "color match or tinting" listed above in Not Included Operations.