Extension of Clear Coat

In some applications, it may be required to extend the application of clear to the nearest panel edge or breakpoint.

The performance of this operation is NOT INCLUDED in the Mitchell refinish labor time.

The extension of clear coat formula is intended to be calculated as a percentage of base refinish hours excluding overlap.

It DOES NOT APPLY to edges, jambs, and undersides. No deduction for overlap should be taken.

NOTE: When calculated, 20% of the total time should be allocated to the clear coat line item. The total sum of the line and the amount allocated to the clear coat line will total 50% of the exterior refinish time for the panel being refinished.

Example: A panel refinish time is 2.0 hrs. When extending clear, the refinish time for that panel should be 1.0 (.5 per refinish hour). For clarity, the refinish line should be displayed as .8 and .2 (20%) should be allocated to the clear coat line.