Procedure 29—Special Caution

Computer Modules

When working with vehicles equipped with on-board computers, manufacturers recommend removal if temperatures are likely to exceed 176×F (80×C). Do not apply heat from a torch or weld in the immediate vicinity of computers without protecting them. Remove if necessary.

Many vehicles have multiple computers such as: Electronic Control Modules (ECM), Body Control Modules (BCM), individual computers for Anti-Lock Brake Systems and Electronic Suspension systems. All of these computers should be protected or removed before exposing them to high heat. Never connect or disconnect these units with ignition switch on, or charge a battery with battery cables connected. Before servicing, ground yourself and ground the work area to discharge stored static electricity.

Computer control information is listed in the Electrical Section of all Mitchell Collision Estimating Guides. There is a footnote below the listing or an illustration describing the location of each unit.

Structural Glass

Windshields, back windows and other glass that was originally installed by vehicle manufacturer utilizing urethane, should be reinstalled with urethane. The urethane bonds the glass to the vehicle and makes the glass part of the vehicle’s structure. Ensure that the vehicle manufacturer and/or I-CAR recommended installation is followed, and that the urethane is properly cured before returning the vehicle to service.

Supplemental Restraint/Air Bag System

Vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service and repair procedures must be followed when servicing any Supplemental Restraint/Air Bag System. Certain safety precautions and disabling procedures must be observed when performing repairs.

See Mitchell’s Air Bag Service & Repair Manual for system description and operation checks, precautions, disabling and activating procedures, component removal and installation procedures, and diagnosis and testing information. Refer to Air Bag/SRS Component Inspection & Replacement Tables.

Seat Belts

Many vehicle manufacturer’s advise replacement of seat belts when stressed by occupants in a collision. Refer to vehicle manufacturer or service manual for specific clarification.

Rev. 01-16