Rear Floor Plan R&R

Included Operations

Loosen and pull back: Carpet and/or insulation as required
Remove caulking/seam sealer for panel R&R. Replacement of caulking/seam sealer to obtain water sealing properties of the panel seams

Not Included Operations

Refinish floor plan
Remove and/or apply: Anti-corrosion rust resistant materials
Remove and install: Rear bumper, Fuel tank, Wiring and/or wiring harness
Remove and install or replace: Suspension assemblies, Seat assemblies, Luggage compartment trim
Apply caulking/seam sealer for additional sound deadening and/or to replicate original factory appearance, texture or color

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Labor times for inner panels, rails or reinforcements are with outer panels removed.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Sectioning of a panel may or may not be recommended by vehicle manufacturer. This procedure should only be performed when a qualified and knowledgeable technician has determined that the operation does not jeopardize the integrity of the vehicle.