Audatex Estimating Files

When configuring Audatex Shoplink for exporting estimates, you should use the default settings of the product or make note of where you save your exported data. If you use the default location for Audatex Shoplink, your estimates will be found and displayed automatically when you select Audatex prior to uploading.

If you are not using the default settings for importing/exporting estimating system files, e.g., EMS, you can use the following procedures to verify your import/export settings.

The following procedures describe how to enable EMS import and export and how to set the primary export directory in ShopLink. ShopLink is not a Mitchell product, and Mitchell does not support or control it. This procedure is believed to be accurate at the time of this release. However, any representations of a non- Mitchell product are subject to change without notice. Contact your system administrator or ShopLink for technical support.

How to