Procedure Explanations

The Procedure Explanations are essential for the preparation of a comprehensive damage report. Specific section-by-section explanations are included, defining exactly what is and is not included in specific labor operations. By taking time to study and refer to these explanations, a more accurate damage report will result.


Front Bumper

Bumper and Grille

Front Panel

Hood Panel


Air Conditioning Components

Front Fender

Front Inner Structure - Unibody


10 Wheel/Wheel Alignment

11 Front Suspension

12 Engine/Fuel Tank

13 Windshield

14 Cowl and Dash

15 Rocker Panel/Side Body Panel/Center Pillar

16 Front/Rear or Back Door

17 Roof

18 Pickup Cab Panels

19 Back Window

20 Quarter Panel

21 Pickup Bed

22 Van/Utility Vehicle Side Panel

23 Rear Suspension

24 Luggage Lid

25 Rear/Lift Gate

26 Rear Body

27 Rear Bumper

28 Refinish Procedure

29 Special Cautions

31 Abbreviations

32 Plastic Identification